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 We are a company certified with ISO 9001: 2015, We offer a complete service of machining, palería, mechanical design, welding with capabilities within the automotive industry, aviation, medical, molds, dies and the automation industry, among others, we work with all kinds of materials, from common alloys to special materials.

What we do?


 Machining C.N.C. of high precision and quality.
Manufacture of drilled or machined by thousands of pieces.
Manufacture of robotic elements N.A.A.M.S
Design and manufacture of Fixtures, Go-NoGO, Pokayokes.
Design and manufacture of modular equipment bosch and Lean systems, metal structures, work furniture. dollies.
Manufacture and repair of spare parts for agricultural machinery.
Manufacture of machinery for the footwear area.

Why choose us?



We are a company certified to ISO 9001: 2015, we have TIER 1 and TIER 2 clients from different nationalities such as Germany, the United States, Spain, France and Japan mainly, having knowledge in the international standards AISI / SAE, DIN, ISO, JIS .

General information.


Quality politics.


DIMO MAQUINADOS ESPECIALIZADOS S.A. DE C.V. We are a company located in the City of León, Guanajuato, dedicated to design, marketing and manufacturing, focused primarily on the automotive area, we have resolved to implement and maintain a Quality Management System (QMS), based on ISO 9001: 2015, for improve both internally and the service to its customers.

For which we decided:
• Guarantee rigorous quality standards for the products we manufacture.
• Commit to ensuring the legal and regulatory requirements of the products we make, as well as the requirements of our customers.
 • Deliver products that meet the needs of our customers, this through the commitment of the organization and compliance with their responsibilities.
 • Always maintain a clear communication, both internally and externally, allowing an immediate response to the information demands related to the System.
• Ensure that staff have up-to-date information.
• Promote a philosophy of continuous improvement so that we: maintain the intellectual and technical capacity of our staff, manage the use of nonconformities and corrective actions, perform internal and external audits and promote risk-based thinking.
• Ensure that the necessary resources for the System are available.
 • The policy to which we are committed requires the collaboration of all for what is disseminated to all those interested parties.

At Dimo ​​Maquinados we will promote and disseminate the virtues of this system, recommending our suppliers join to be part of the quality, for our good, yours and that of the whole society.

 The General Management is committed to reviewing this policy on an annual basis and if so required to make the necessary adjustments to the Quality Management System ensuring that they continue to produce safe and high quality products, and that the efficiency of the system is continuously improved .


Providing the client with profitable products and services through the design, engineering and manufacturing of high precision and high quality products, giving our clients the guarantee of a solid company.


 Being a leader in products and services related to manufacturing within the automotive area, We will achieve the enthusiasm of our customers through the continuous improvement of our products, guided by integrity, teamwork, technological innovation and commitment from our staff 


Integrity. Being a company that always works with honesty and transparency fulfilling the agreed commitments, treating our employees and business partners with equity and respect. 

Quality. Search for excellence in our products and services based on a good quality culture. 

Responsibility. Guarantee stability and good working conditions for staff, deliver quality goods and services, taking care of the preservation of the environment. 

Freedom. For the company it is important to respect the freedom of expression and beliefs of our team as well as the client, to listen and take into account the recommendations made with respect and cordiality for continuous improvement. 

Puntuality. It is a commitment between the members of the company guaranteeing meetings, schedules, shipments and delivery times with the client, as well as the payment of invoices and payroll on time. 

Loyalty. Maintain the attention due to the needs of each member of the company as well as the clients, guaranteeing a lasting commercial relationship through the years. 

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